Meteen naar de inhoud

Word smith: someone who translates texts and delivers the message correctly

My name is Steve Hetem and I am The Word SmithI have received my bachelor’s degree from the ITV Hogeschool for Interpreting and Translating. I specifically translate various texts from English into Dutch. When doing this I keep your reader in mind: that is the one you want to persuade, motivate, or inform. I also keep in mind the level of your reader: a cookbook for hobbyists is very different from a folder for a foundation. I will gladly have a conversation with you to explore the message of your text is, to make sure that the reader gets to read a correct Dutch text.


When I was younger, I also had classes in Spanish and Papiamento and I am still proficient in both these languages. With this extended language knowledge, I have the right tool in hand to write correct translations.

Besides word smith I am also a word strategist & word artist. Have a look at these pages also.


Steve Hetem,